Cleaning Frequency

 Generally, a Hairpiece should be washed after 6-8 wearing in spring and Summer and after 12-15 wearing in Autumn or Winter. Factors such as air quality and humidity will contribute to frequency of washing, as it does with your own hair.

Cleaning method

1. Brush the Hairpiece thoroughly with a Hairpiece brush. Add one tablespoon of Esquire shampoo to a sink filled with cold water.

2. Immerse hairpiece for thirty seconds and agitate GENTLY. Do not rub.

3. Rinse gently in cold clear water twice or until thoroughly rinsed.

4. Blot gently with a towel. Do not wring.

5. Apply leave-in conditioning spray (Integrity from Joico is recommended) very lightly over the hairpiece, spraying 10-12 inches from the hairpiece.

6. Allow to air dry on a slender object like a can of hairspray or the shampoo bottle covered with a hand towel.

7.    DO NOT USE A HAIRDRYER! This may damage the hairpiece. You may gently style the Hairpiece with your fingertips. Brush the hairpiece only when completely dry. Do not allow the hairpiece to dry in direct sunlight.

Styling Your Hairpiece

 1. Your Hairpiece can be styled by using a Hairpiece brush, a Hairpiece comb, or your fingertips. Avoid using standard hairbrushes because it usually stretches and breaks the hair when wet.

 2. As these brushes can create excessive tension, over-stretching the hair with abrasive strokes that may damage the hair.

 3. Styling is enhanced between washings with a leave-in conditioner (Integrity from Joico is recommended). For curly or wavy styles, it is considered an essential styling tool. Just spray it, hand scrunch, and pick the style into curls. On straight styles, spray the leave-in conditioner and brush lightly. Your Hairpiece was designed with a basic style but the variations you can achieve through styling are limitless. Added height can be achieved by gently lifting with the Hairpiece brush.

TIP: Please Always wash the hair right after swimming, spa, exercising, etc). When dirt accumulates, including sweating, hair tangles!

Before washing the hairpiece, brush the hair thoroughly. It is very important to wash the hair in one direction in an upright position from top to bottom. Then rinse it out with clean water. Finger - comb the hair while rinsing it with clean water.

  Make sure you brush the everyday with a large and flexible bristle brush. When brushing the hair, please start from the bottom and work up little by little to the top, holding the weft with the other hand to keep it from shedding.

When swimming, always wear a cap to prevent the hair from chlorine, which may cause the hair to tangle. Also, when going to the spa, the hair should be brushed out completely and the hair should be wrapped in a cold wet towel if possible.

If you sleep with the Hairpiece on make sure your hair is completely dried before going to bed. (Please NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR).

For wavy or curly hair, we recommend to keep the hair dry and looking natural by using a Leave-in conditioner (we recommend a good professional brand). Use it as a hair spray everyday before you comb or brush the hair. Use light hair oil on wet hair on a daily basis.

 It would be advisable NOT to TINT, COLOUR; PERM or any other extra processes at home because it is already processed hair. Please ask for advice to your Esquire's Hairdresser.

The hair fading is usually normal, just bring the Hairpiece to Esquire and the specialized Hairdresser's will fix it for you. 

 TIP: Avoid supermarket or chemist brands because it formulated for ladies hair and

Contain high level of red pigmentation. Please ask for advice to your Hairdresser.


 Do NOT expose your Hairpiece to heat more than 35°C (like opening an oven door, standing near a barbecue grill, etc.). This will damage the Hairpiece hair. Any type of heat will cause hair to frizz (lamps, ovens/stoves and heat from other sources).

 Do NOT use any form of curling irons, hot rollers or blow dryers. Again, heat will ruin the Hairpiece.

Do NOT use products other than Hairpiece care products.

Only use Hairpiece shampoo and conditioner and brushes or combs made especially for Hairpiece.

Only use hairspray made for Hairpieces. We sell these Hairpiece care products at a discounted price or they can also be purchased from any Hairdresser supplier store.

 Do not use any form of hair mousse or gels.


 Do use products specifically designed for Hairpiece.

 Do have your Hairpiece styled and cut by a professional hairstylist to customize it, if desired. If you can use your own hairstylist, this is best because he or she knows how you normally wear your hair. Make sure that whoever styles or cuts that they are experienced in working with Hairpieces.

 Do keep Hairpiece stored on a Hairpiece stand or other "makeshift" item (such as a can of hairspray). This will help it hold its style and shape.

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